With our years of experience in laying pavers we are able to help you design the perfect outdoor area for your needs. We will take you through the step-by-step design process and help you select the right pavers for the completed project.

Some Sydney areas are better suited to concrete pavers while others will benefit from natural stone or clay paving. All Sydney paving projects are different and will need a different design approach and different styles of pavers.

A Design to Suit All Needs

At Pave-Link we are able to design a variety of paved areas around your home or commercial premises.

  • A stylish driveway to compliment your modern or heritage style home
  • A modern outdoor living area to suit a couple or a growing family
  • A private path linking the front yard to the back granny flat or swimming pool
  • A beautiful garden edge and retaining wall to compliment your home
  • Natural stones for a floor or large outdoor entertainment to add a touch of class
  • A streetscape that will add to your business in commercial or public spaces and make the area more environmentally friendly and appealing to customers

Our services include the design of your paved area, the supply and laying of the pavers as well as maintenance of the pavers to ensure they last. Our expert and qualified tradesmen provide excellent service and can advise you on the right pavers for your needs. They will advise you on the choice of pavers to suit your specific budget and environment.

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