Natural Stone

Bring nature to your door step, be inspired by unsurpassed beauty, timeless speckles waiting to be celebrated in your outdoor space. Our truly unique natural stone products have been hand picked by Pave-Link, a well established name in the paving industry whose vast knowledge and experience of constructing outdoor projects made them take the journey to source and celebrate the name “Stone Elements”, a name with foundations of quality originating from stone. Pave-link’s stringent quality control procedures ensures consistent production cycle of quality Natural Stone.

Ideal for outdoor landscape design, our natural stone paving range is available in Granite, Basalt and Bluestone. Throughout history, Granite, Basalt and Bluestone natural stone have been the premier building materials all over the world. It’s timeless elegance and lasting durability made it ideal in countless historic building and monuments.Stone Elements Granite pavers are light in completion, have visible coarse mineral grains with several shades available and come in a wide range of hues: white-pink, red-green as well as the well-known greys. Stone Elements Basalt pavers have fine mineral grains with several shades available and come in a hue range of predominantly dark-grey and charcoal- black. Stone Elements Bluestone pavers are generally a sedimentary limestone in two types, Stoneblue: an invisible grained grey/bluestone with modern appeal. Rusticblue, as the name suggests, veined with marble look for a more classical palette.

Our Natural Stone Range of Granite, Basalt and Bluestone pavers are available in a range of standard sizes and finishes, or custom made to your requirements.


100 x 100 mm 300 x 300 mm 400 x 400 mm
300 x 600 mm 400 x 600 mm 600 x 600 mm
Pool coping and step treads 1210 x 320 mm
Cobblestones (loose) 100 x 100 mm
Mesh panel setts 90 x 90 mm
20 mm 30 mm 40 mm 60 mm




Landscape Black
Landscape Black is a new grey-black basalt that has a dark background and wave-like appearance with a sleek finish. Incredibly strong, low maintenance and hard wearing, Landscape Black is ideal for outdoor paving at a more economical price range.
Urban Black
Urban Black is a premium grade grey basalt commonly nominated as a granite, that has a dark background with black spotted appearance similar to “raindrops”. A versatile stone with negligible porosity that stands up extremely well in harsh environments has made it the most nominated basalt in urban landscapes.
Highland Black
Highland Black is a quality grade basalt that has a wrinkled and jagged look with a consistent black background with physical properties that allows it to be processed into any surface finish. An extremely resilient, high stain and acid resistance qualities. Highland Black is extremely ideal for urban environments.


Stoneblue is a condensed grained grey limestone, commonly known as “bluestone” with minimum colour variation and a contemporary look. A dense durable and hard wearing stone with minor cat paws that is a close resemblance to Australian Bluestone in both colour and texture.
Rustic Blue
Rustic Blue is a sedimentary limestone with consistent blue and grey tones that is both classical and ageless. An extremely durable, versatile and low maintenance stone suitable for outdoor & indoor designs.


Moon White
Moon White is an economical grade grey granite, that has a white background with small grained uniform black spotted appearance. A resilient attractive and hard-wearing stone, has made it a popular choice for most applications. Moon White has excellent heat resistance qualities making it ideal for pool and outdoor entertaining alfresco areas.
Stonewhite is a classic granite that has a white background with fragments and intricate patterns of greys. Recommended for both commercial and residential projects as a neutral palette or accent to other darker stones. Stonewhite has excellent heat resistance qualities making it ideal for pool and outdoor entertaining alfresco areas.
Stonegrey is a distinctive and contemporary granite that has uniform light grey background with a condensed and uniform darker grey spotted appearance. A strong practical and non- abrasive stone, Stonegrey is a contemporary stone suitable for most applications.  
Urban Grey
Urban Grey is strong and economical granite that has a light to dark grey background with uniform black “sesame” spots and with a constant polished look. Subtle understated and a highly practical stone, urban grey is the most nominated granite in urban landscapes.
Urban Green
Urban Green is a highly durable granite that has a grey-green background with uniform coursed grey-black spotted appearance. An extremely dense, hard and eye catching granite, urban greens physical properties allow it to be processed into any surface finish and is ideal for residential and commercial design.
Landscape Grey
Landscape Grey is a new attractive granite with a very distinctive streaky surface showing a succession of grainy white minerals and fine black minerals. A strong & practical choice, landscape grey is attractive in larger format paving that suit both contemporary and classical designs.
Landscape Green
Landscape Green is a condensed grained green granite with minimum variation and an earthy colour palette. Incredibly hard wearing and stain resistant, Landscape Green is ideal for urban landscapes.
River Stone
River Stone is the most heat resistant granite on the market, making it ideal for swimming pools areas . It is an eye-catching granite that has a light sandy background with a stunning blend of medium grained honey blonde to pink colour intrusions. Incredibly hard wearing and beautiful stone, River Stone is a classic neutral that suits all designs.


Red Rock
Red Rock is a versatile porphyry stone that has a deep red background with large crystal intrusions. A strong traditional stone with excellent wear resistance makes this stone a popular choice for cobblestones, cladding and accent features.




Our most popular finish, used primarily for exterior applications where slip resistance is extremely important.

Bush Hammer

Another popular finish, stone colour is lighter and has a weathered look. A smooth surface is created with small indentations and is non-slip.


Stone has a fractured face look and rocky finish. Highly suitable for wall claddings and cobblestones.


A linear patterning is created on the stone, an added design factor when applied to a wall.


A slight buffer is created on the stone, providing a smooth but dull appearance for claddings, highlights and kerbs.

Other finishes available and can be custom made to your requirements are polish, brush, water jet, sawn, sandblast, antique, leather and tumble.

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