Regular maintenance means longer lasting pavers. As with all jobs around the house and in the public arena, regular maintenance plays an important role. Regular maintenance on your outdoor paving or concrete pavers will increase the life expectancy of the job and keep the area looking clean and tidy for many years to come.

Regular maintenance will increase the life expectancy as well as the visual appearance of your paved areas. Over time the sand used in the joints between the pavers gets washed out and the pavers can subsequently move and become dislodged causing an uneven surface. We use a special product that will stop the sand from being washed away and our up-to-date cleaning equipment is specially designed to bring all paved areas back to life.

At Pave-Link we are contracted to several local councils to maintain the quality of paved areas used regularly by the public. Loose and lifted pavers are a danger to walkers in public parks and on footpaths where pram wheels can become stuck and elderly people can trip over.

Prompt and Reliable Service

At Pave-Link we pride ourselves on our prompt services to these councils in restoring and maintaining paved areas to minimise any hazards that arise. With our regular scheduled maintenance in these areas we are able to eliminate any potential hazards before they occur.

Long neglected paved areas can be easily brought back to near new condition by our team of Sydney paving cleaners. High pressure cleaners can strip years of dirt and grime from the surface of the pavers that has built over years of neglected maintenance.

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