Do I need to prepare the site for paving or can you do the site preparation?

Yes, of course we can! It’s best to leave it to us as we can excavate the area and clean up the rubbish for you. Pave-link makes it easy – we take care of the site preparation and levelling. Design your perfect outdoor area, supply and installation of all materials ,or maintenance and restoration for all your paving needs.

What are your hours of operation?

Our crew is flexible and can accommodate you during or after business hours. For all domestic paving, we are also available Monday to Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm or weekend hours can be arranged if required. Our Outdoor and General Retail Outlet is however opened 7 days for your convenience.

Do you have a showroom or samples of completed paving works ?

Yes we do! It is located at 23 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl, Sydney and is opened 7 days a week for you convenience. We offer a wide range of outdoor paving products including Granite, Basalt, Bluestone,Concrete, Brick & Clay Pavers. You are welcome to browse through our website gallery to see samples of some recent paving work or visit our supply division outdoorandgeneral.com.au.

What areas of Sydney do you service?

Our projects circulate around Sydney, Lower Blue Mountains from private courtyards, pool surrounds to large streetscapes and commercial car parks. We service all Sydney suburbs including, Southern and Western Sydney and lower Blue Mountains.

Is regular maintenance required on my new paving work?

Yes, but it depends on the paving method used. Some methods require less maintenance than others. If pavers are laid with a sand joint, then it needs to be refilled regularly. This will prevent grass from growing in between the pavers.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your paving:

  • Clean regularly to remove dirt build up.
  • Seal pavers to enhance the appearance and protect from abuse of traffic dirt and other debris.
  • Use a bonding joint filler to prevent washing away of sand from joints due to heavy rain or pressure cleaning.

We have a range of cleaners available depending on scale of the job and pavers used. It is not advised to use acid to clean natural stones as some might react harshly and cause damage to the surface of the stone.

Sealing your pavers can protect your paving job from abuse of our busy lives. It acts as a barrier of protection from dirt, oil, acid and stubborn stains. We sell a wide range of proffesional penetrating and surface sealers for all paver types. We understand sealers as we have been in the paving industry for over 15 years. It is a small price to pay to protect your investment.

What if my concrete pavers are damaged?

Our works are guaranteed and we offer a warranty service, however this does not include the wear and tear of everyday use. Our paving crews are ready to give your pavers the care and maintenance it needs. Since pavers are very easy to repair, you can easily repair it yourself or give our guys a call for a quick and reliable paving maintenance job.

What type of paving projects do you take on?

Over the years, we have taken on residential, commercial and industrial projects. This includes driveways, outdoor living spaces, council and private pathways, parking areas, garden edging, retaining walls, and flagging. With the introduction of our new Outdoor & General showroom we can now do supply of Natural Stone and all your Building & Landscape Supply. Give us a call and we can talk about your next project.